Flavor and juiciness, Steak HUB brand

STEAK HUB welcomes you in a new trendy and discreet atmosphere. For you, we have selected a varied range of hot and cold drinks, including the most refined whiskeys and cognacs, as well as cocktails carefully crafted by our mixologists.
We welcome you every morning, starting at 7 o'clock, with a hearty breakfast, after which we invite you to enjoy the fresh taste of Mediterranean salads or international main dishes, but we recommend you to try the experience offered by one of the tastiest steaks ripened, completed by a
The Steak HUB restaurant is the first in Transylvania to mature its beef on location, respecting point by point all the sophisticated details of this rigorous process so that you can enjoy the smell, taste, juiciness, tenderness, and exceptional aroma of beef. Come and see, feel, enjoy and you will want more! At least 21 days, but also up to 50 days, the pieces of meat are waiting to tenderize, to intensify their taste, to become juicy and creamy, that is, ready to impress you.