spa etiquette applied to guests staying in rooms with access to spa facilities included in the accommodation rate


Guests are kindly requested to arrive at the spa equipped with the robe and disposable slippers available in the hotel room. Towels are available in the sauna baths or treatment room. In case you don't find the mentioned products please contact the hotel reception to provide them immediately to your room (131 from the room phone). Extra towels and robes can be provided in exchange for a tax.

The spa environment is specifically designed to provide tranquillity and relaxation. Please respect the right to privacy and silence of the other spa guests by refraining from using mobile phones inside the location. Smoking is not permitted in the spa area (except the outdoor terrace).

Appointments: To schedule a treatment or receive further information, please contact the spa reception: 135 from your room phone, +40 359 403 Reservations in advance are encouraged. For any treatment booked before the check-in day, you will benefit from a 10% discount. In case the reservation is canceled during your stay the offered discount is no longer valid. The discount applies to the spa menu and does not apply to subscriptions or products already submitted to a promotion. Your contact details are necessary to guarantee your reservation (name, email, and phone). Before you benefit from any spa treatment or facility we kindly ask you to stop by the Spa Reception to (re)confirm your appointment. You have the opportunity to indicate a preference for a male or female therapist.

Check-in: We would appreciate it if you can arrive at the spa at least 15 minutes before. Late arrivals will not receive an extension of the procedure duration and will be charged for the total value of the treatment.

Cancellation Policy: Out of respect for our other guests, cancellations or reschedules may be made a minimum of 4 hours before the appointment time. Cancellations made less than 2 hours before the scheduled time will attract a penalty of 100% of the procedure value. Appointments can only be changed depending on availability. Please follow the treatment according to schedule because it can happen to overlap with the other guest’s program and will be unable to respond positively to your request.

Pre-treatment life: Please inform your therapists regarding any health issue, allergy, or prior accident that might influence the treatment or the use of the spa facilities. On the first arrival, you will be asked to fill in on your responsibility a questionnaire regarding your health status to allow us to offer you a perfectly safe service.

Spa dress code: For spa procedures please remove jewelry and clothing, keeping only the underwear. For some treatments, the therapist will provide disposable underwear. If your treatment involves water therapy, it is necessary to wear a bathing suit. For the best results of facial treatments for gentlemen, it is recommended to be clean-shaven.

General access to spa facilities: Access is based on the same RFI card you use to access the hotel room. In case of access problems please use the phone located at the spa reception to call the hotel reception to assist you.

During treatment: Please inform therapists if you feel comfortable if you feel too hot or too cold if the massage is too light or too firm. Our goal is for you to benefit from a unique and comfortable experience.

Saunas: It is recommended to announce in advance the spa or hotel reception about the time you want to use saunas to ensure that the temperature is proper. To ensure the hygiene and comfort of all guests a towel around the waist is necessary for the spa unisex areas, please do not sit directly on the wooden benches, use textiles provided near the saunas. Showering between sauna programs is mandatory. Important health recommendation: please do not use saunas in case you consume alcoholic beverages.

Terrace: The terrace is arranged on sunny days with a bar, showers, sun-beds, and lounges. Please request from the spa or hotel reception towels for the terrace.

Outside Jacuzzis: Jacuzzis are located on the hotel’s terrace, on the 7th floor. The temperature in the Jacuzzis is adjusted according to the outside temperature. It is recommended to announce in advance to the spa or hotel reception about the time you want to use the Jacuzzis to ensure that the temperature is proper and to provide you with towels.

Fitness: Use facilities and equipment for your own responsibility. No supervising personnel is available, please use the equipment properly according to the displayed instruction, return all equipment to its place after use and clean the handles of the equipment with disinfectant wipes (on towels cupboard) preparing them for the next user. Please use sportswear. It is not permitted to utilize outdoor shoes. Please throw the water bottles or glasses in the container next to the water dispenser and the used towels under the cupboard. Please maintains adequate sound and music levels that do not inconvenience other guests.

Saline: Please maintain an adequate sound and music level that do not inconvenience the other guests. Please use bathrobes and disposable slippers if you relax on the saline beds.

Children's access: Under the age of 12 (inclusive) children's access to the spa is forbidden. Children between the ages of 12 and 18 are permitted in the spa facilities only with a companion. Children have access to Jacuzzis and saline, the access to the sauna and fitness is not recommended for medical reasons. For age-appropriate treatments, please ask the spa reception for assistance.

Pregnancy: In the initial pregnancy semester, we do not perform any treatment. For mothers-to-be, we have created special treatments. We are at your service to offer the most appropriate therapies for this period.

Suggestions: Your recommendations are welcomed. To improve the quality of our services, please fill out the satisfaction form obtainable in the spa reception.

Lost objects: Safe boxes to store valuable items or money are available in the locker room. Spa employees are not responsible for any loss of items or money in the room or public space. Lost items are retained for a return for a period of 6 months in the hotel after being donated. In case we don’t own your contacts (email, phone) to inform you about your lost items they are stored and donated according to the hotel's internal procedures.

Payment Methods: Bank cards - Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, *American Express * available only at the hotel reception, cash, gift cards, room charge – please inform the spa staff about your payment methods.

Gift Cards: They are the perfect gift for any anniversary or special occasion. The gift cards are not redeemable or returnable cash. Please ask for more details regarding the terms and conditions at the spa reception.

Food and beverages order: *menu serving temporarily restricted*Are forbidden to bring food and beverages from outside the hotel. A menu is available at the spa reception. Orders and serving of food and beverages in the spa area can be made while the spa staff is present: Monday to Friday between 14-22 hrs and Saturday to Sunday 10-22 hrs (21.30 last food order). Serving the products can take a bit longer than the normal waiting time because the products are prepared and sent from the Steak HUB restaurant, located on the ground floor of the hotel. For a more complex menu, we invite you to visit the Steak HUB restaurant.