Report regarding personal data processing according to the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 /of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016

Last update: May 15th, 2018 

Ramada by Wyndham Oradea makes its best to provide high-quality services and experiences. We are aware of the fact that – nowadays – privacy represents an important problem. We have developed this report to explain our good practice in respect of the personal information we do collect from you, or about you, on the site or through our applications, by means of written and oral communication with you – when you visit our location. 
By using any of our services and by accepting this Report, in the context of you registering for any of our services, you do understand and you do confirm that we will collect and use personal data – as described in the present Report. 
You must keep in mind that this Report has no validity with respect to the fact that we are processing personal data on behalf of third parties – as, for example, airlines, car rental companies or other service providers, companies organizing or offering vacation packages, marketing partners or corporate clients - and according to their instructions. 

Personal data collection 
Personal data are collected with every occasion of contact or interaction with the clients, for fulfilling each and every aspect of our business. Such personal information may include: your name/s, your postal address, your invoicing address, your e-mail address, phone number/s, information about your booking, your participation in a special program dedicated to members only, or a loyalty program or to a marketing program, information regarding the purchase of our services, your personal characteristics, nationality, the number of your passport, information about payments –for example the number of your card - and other information about invoicing and about account/s and information about the authentication and other invoicing details, your marketing and communication preferences, information about the vehicles you may bring and park on our property, reviews and opinions about our services, other types of information which you choose to supply or which we can obtain and are related to/about you. 

How we use the personal data related to/ about you – which we collect. 
Your personal data can be used in many ways, even for offering and personalizing the services requested and expected by you from Ramada
by Wyndham Oradea, so we can offer you the expected level of hospitality within our location, for being able to manage the programs dedicated to Wyndham Rewards members only, the loyalty programs and the sales promotions – and as well as detailed under. We will collect your consent before processing your data – whenever this is imposed by the legislation in vigor. 
It is necessary to collect certain data – your name, address, and your payment-related information being included – so we can process your booking. Lack of supplying these would result in being unable to process your booking. 
• Wyndham Rewards members: When you are a Wyndham Rewards member, Ramada
by Wyndham Oradea uses your information in order to manage the loyalty program, to personalize your experience within our services and applications, to communicate news, promotional and transactional materials related to various services and to personalize the publicity, via e-mail, by phone, and on the WEB site – depending on the communication preferences you have expressed. 
• Planning conferences and events: Your personal data can be used in order to supply your information regarding the planned conferences and events. 
• Marketing and communication: When we have your consent, we might use your personal information to supply or to offer you informative bulletins, promotions, and special offers, and other publicity messages – depending on any preferences related to communication – as expressed by you. We do use your personal information to supply messages throughout your stay with us and to confirm your booking and send you marketing messages. We can send such notifications via e-mail or by post, via online publicity, social networks, by phone, as text messages, messages notification on our property – as for example the TV in your room. 
• Improving our services: We can use your personal information in order to improve our services and to make sure that such services are of interest to you. We do also use your personal information to offer to you the expected level of hospitality within our location. 
• Corroboration and personalization of certain data: We can corroborate your personal information with data obtained from third sources – in order to update and to analyze your information. We also rely on information obtained from third parties, so we can offer to you better and more personalized services. For example, when you connect to social networks or you sign into other accounts related to our services, we can use such information in order to render your experience with us more personal and more social – or we can share it and use it as described in the present Report. 

Sharing personal information 
It is possible for us to use your personal data in order to send them to the hotels within our network – serving marketing purposes. 
Besides, Ramada
by Wyndham Oradea can disclose personal information in the following cases: 
• in order to observe the applicable laws 
• in order to respond to the requests coming from the government’s or public authorities 
• in order to observe the valid juridical processes 
• in order to secure the rights, the confidentiality/ privacy, the safety or the property of Ramada
by Wyndham Oradea, of its clients and of its employees 
• in order to be able to limit the damages which we can sustain, and to properly respond in emergency cases. 

Personal information about children 
by Wyndham Oradea does not collect consciously personal information about persons under 18 years of age. As a parent or tutor, please do not allow children to send personal data in a lack of your consent. 

Sensitive personal information 
Sensitive personal information is related to the information regarding your racial or ethnical origin, your political opinion, religious or philosophical belief, your membership in a syndical organization, your health, sexual life or sexual orientation, genetic information, criminal records, and any other biometric data used for the unique identification. Ramada
by Wyndham Oradea does not collect sensitive information, except for the case when these are voluntarily offered by you – so we can serve better and we can satisfy your special needs. 

Securing personal data 
by Wyndham Oradea takes reasonable measures in order to protect the personal information against unauthorized access, against disclosure or destruction, and in order to conserve the personal information precise and updated – depending on the given case. Periodically, security controls are performed by the hotel’s IT team. In case of a security-related incident, Ramada by Wyndham Oradea will notify the regulatory authorities and/or the consumers, observing the applicable laws and rules. 
For online transactions, we do use reasonable technologies in order to protect the personal information transmitted to us by you. We will contact you – via messages or e-mails – to ask for confidential information or details regarding your credit card. We will ask for the card’s details only by phone when you make a booking. The details of your card will not be stocked on any system operated by Ramada
by Wyndham Oradea. 

Altering and accessing your personal data 
You can ask from us to be informed about the personal data we have in respect of you and, as the case may be, you can withdraw your consent regarding certain activities related to data processing and/ or ask for having your personal information updated, erased, and/or for having their processing stopped. We will perform all the updates and alterations needed within the due term – as set forth by the applicable law. Such requests can be sent via e-mail, on, by fax, or by a notification sent to the hotel’s address. In order to secure your privacy, we can answer to such requests by using the e-mail address you have recorded or you have supplied to us by other methods. Please remember the fact that when you present to us such a request, we might not be able to offer you the quality and variety of services you are used to. 

Conserving the personal data 
Your personal data are conserved for the period of time needed for achieving the purposes explained in the present report, whenever no longer period of conservation is needed or allowed by the applicable law. Conservation of the personal data collected is made in order to perform the clients’ bookings for three years after the latest staying. We do conserve other personal data, too, for a shorter period of time, when possible and when this is allowed to us by the law. Upon your request, and in the above-stated case, we will destroy your personal information as soon as possible, and in such a way so these cannot be recovered or reconstituted. When the personal information is printed on paper support, these will be destroyed in a secure manner, by shredding or burning the documents on paper support – and when these are saved/archived on electronic support/s, will be destroyed using technical means which can guarantee the fact that the information an no longer be recovered or reconstituted. 

Your rights. 
The right to have your personal data rectified. You have the right to rectify the data related to you, in our possession, whenever these would not be correct. Should the data related to you, in our possession, need to be updated, or you consider that these might be incorrect, please announce us – by using the e-mail address by fax - on +40 359 403 334 or by a letter addressed to our General Manager – sent to our address: Ramada
by Wyndham Oradea, 9, Calea Aradului street, 410223, Oradea, Romania. 

The right to have access to your personal data. 
You have the right to ask for a copy of the personal data related to you, which are in our possession. In order to present such request as a natural person, please announce us – using the e-mail address by fax - on +40 359 403 334 or by a letter addressed to our General Manager – sent to our address: Ramada by Wyndham Oradea, 9, Calea Aradului street, 410223, Oradea, Romania. 

The right to the portability of your data. 
You have the right to take with you your own data – which you’ve communicated to us – in certain circumstances – or to let us know where you would like us to transmit such data. 

The right to be an opponent regarding the use of your personal data. 
In certain circumstances, you have the right to make opposition regarding the processing – by Ramada by Wyndham Oradea – of your personal data. In such sense, please announce us – using the e-mail address by fax - on +40 359 403 334 or by a letter addressed to our General Manager – sent to our address: Ramada by Wyndham Oradea, 9, Calea Aradului street, 410223, Oradea, Romania.  

The right to have your personal data erased/ the right to have your personal data forgotten, meaning that you have the right to have your collected data with no unjustified delay, in any of the following situations: these are no longer necessary for fulfilling the purposes for which these were collected, you have withdrawn your consent and there is no further legal base for having them processed. In such sense, please announce us – using the e-mail address by fax - on +40 359 403 334 or by a letter addressed to our General Manager – sent to our address: Ramada by Wyndham Oradea, 9, Calea Aradului street, 410223, Oradea, Romania.