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Directly related to the uncertainty and effects caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, our highest priority has become the health and safety of guests during their stay. Therefore, we want to briefly present to you the measures we still have in force.
access to the hotel
we recommend disinfecting the hands - station outside at entry to the hotel  

check-in procedures
limiting the physical interaction by applying adapted measures and procedures; credit card payments are recommended; protection panels installed; requesting billing data or other necessary information by e-mail; the transmission of invoices by email; disinfectant available on the reception desk.

guest rooms
enter the room after scanning the RFI access card.
other measures
implementation of certified disinfection & cleaning products for Sars Cov 2; implementation of new cleaning and disinfection procedures with increased attention to areas of heavy use in all guest rooms and public areas; increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of areas with heavy use in public spaces (elevators, door handles, etc.); disinfection stations will be installed in all public areas, including hand emollient; menus based on QR codes; bilingual prints with recommendations in public spaces; outdoor smoking area.  
hotel advantages
air conditioning system based on fresh air supply from the top level of the hotel - the air in the hotel guest's room is not recycled; access to the room based on RFI card - allows access to the room without heavy touching the door handle; the window in the room can be opened for the periodic ventilation of the personal space; interactive menu Smart LED TV with the possibility of connecting personal devices; bathroom without shower curtain; minimalist design ensuring easy and intense cleaning in all areas.
hotel info 
For the safety of guests or colleagues and following Romanian law together with best practices, the hotel temporarily modifies or limits some of its services (e.g. room inventory, room consumption products, spa facilities). These changes are temporary, are mentioned in chapter - hotel services - and we will restore the standard levels as soon as the legislation in force allows us. For any requests or additional information, the reception staff is at your disposal every day between 6.30 am and 10.30 pm, outside these hours our security&support personnel is more than pleased to assist you. 
breakfast - hand disinfection station
restaurant menu - booking is highly recommended
hand disinfection station
spa facilities - sunny terrace, salina, gym, outdoor jacuzzis - accessible only by prior appointment - limited number of people & limited time of use to facilitate the access of others guests which request this service too, the facilities can be accessed only based on the guest room access card (*if this service is included in the room rate) - please let us make you an appointment and prepare the facilities for safe use

...stay positive, better days are on their way...

for questions or additional details don't hesitate to get in touch with us  
 +40 359 403 333